HIRING: Summer Interns That Specialize in Ass-Kicking

Photo: Cole Barash

This is not your standard “go fetch Starbucks” gig. There isn’t a Starbucks in Montauk. We want the best, and most ambitious students (and recent grads) to help do cool shit with us this summer. We don’t want your boring cover letter, or some awful unformatted Word Doc full of “achievements” to read — we want to know you.

This summer-long internship, although unpaid, provides real-world, hands-on experience from experts in the field. This is a full-time role based in between NYC and our Montauk office. We’d also prefer you live in Montauk for the summer… not the worst thing in the world.


On the hunt for not just anyone. We are particular. But if you are THAT special person and interested in being involved in some growing goodness, submit your Instagram handle and your favorite song of all-time to hello@whalebonemag.com.

What to expect:

  • Tons of ass-kicking
  • Creative excellence. From you, us, and always as a team
  • Some amazingly boring and fantastically tedious work (we’ve all been there)
  • Time travel — for staying ahead of current trends
  • Researching market trends and analysis
  • Tuck Bronson in at night
  • Answering phones and organizing chaos
  • Tampering with evidence (Steve Avery hates you!)
  • Running around endlessly
  • Driving the Whalebone van
  • Event organizing and execution
  • Ensure the health of “The System”
  • Keeping conference room and community area tidy
  • Early is on-time, on-time is late
  • Fast-paced environment & quick thinking
  • Love of very soft t-shirts