CBD won’t get you stoned, but it can give you healthier skin

Alyssa Lynch on putting CBD in everything from smoothies to bath bombs


ost people today go non-stop. But with going non-stop comes the realization that your body can’t always take being non-stop. That’s why Alyssa Lynch, lifestyle and wellness influencer, partnered with Highline Wellness. Natural CBD products that help destress you mentally and physically, helping calm anxiety, boost sleep quality, work against inflammation, while keeping you going all day. Alyssa has two skincare products with Highline—CBD Facial Mist and Under Eye Balm—leaving you calm, awake, and feeling your best both inside and out.

We sat down with  Alyssa to get her secrets to a healthy but balanced life, the numerous benefits of using CBD, and maybe what you should binge watch next.

What made you start start using CBD as a way to better your skincare and your health as a whole?

Alyssa: The reason I  started to use CBD initially was because I was struggling with insomnia and that was due to a lot of  stress. The way I look at it now, is that stress affects the inside of our body but it also affects the outside of our body. So when I really saw the benefits with the inside of my body and the wellness of the body and mind that’s when I was very intrigued to start using it for the outside on the body and for my skin. I looked tired and puffy and knew that was caused by stress, so that’s why I looked to CBD, and I think it has helped so much with that.

What is your mantra? One thing you wish everyone would take away from following you and your lifestyle?

Alyssa:  No one is you, and that’s your power. I like that because there is so much comparison in this world, so I feel that you have to do what feels best for you and take care of yourself, even if that may look different than how someone else is doing it.

You have quite a following, and social media isn’t always the kindest environment. Any advice you have on how to deal with negativity that comes with the territory?

Alyssa: I have a pretty hard shell. It doesn’t really get to me and I think that’s because I started out in the acting community. As an actor you receive so many no’s and you just have to get used to that. People can say whatever, and it can kind of stick sometimes, but why would  you take offense from someone that you wouldn’t look up to? You don’t know who’s sitting behind their laptop saying those things and if it’s someone going out of their way to say something negative, it’s probably not someone you would take advice from in your life. So, I just think you have to take advice from the people you do look up to.

Top three favorite products from Highline Wellness in addition to the under-eye balm and facial mist?

Alyssa:  The CBD Night Gummies are a staple within the household. They taste good and they work so well, it’s hard not to eat them all at once. The Bath Bomb. Whenever I take a bath, I do it right.  It is so soothing and it helps my sore muscles so much so I love to use it. The Mint CBD Oil. That might be my favorite, actually, I have been using it since day one. I make my  peppermint hot cocoa with it almost every single night.

You create and share many of your own recipes—have you ever considered using CBD in your meals? If so, which of your recipes would you recommend adding CBD to?

Alyssa:  This question sparks so many ideas that it’s getting me excited. I’m about to start baking up a storm. I could bake peppermint mocha brownies with the Mint CBD Oil, or maybe a pie with the Citrus CBD Oil.  I put it in my teas and all my lattes, like I said, but I think it would really work well in some baked goods because I love eating sweet baked goods in the morning and at night and that’s when taking CBD is the best for me.

What motivated you to partner with Highline Wellness, create your own line of products, and share it with your audiences?

Alyssa: A lot of other brands didn’t feel super organic and they didn’t give me that extreme excitement until I started working with Highline Wellness. It’s something that has genuinely changed my wellbeing and it’s part of my everyday routine and I’m so grateful for this company. I mean this happened naturally, I couldn’t have thought of a more organic and absolutely perfect collaboration.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Alyssa:  Whenever someone has reached out and said that I made their day or my positive attitude or being so real made their day. It could be something so simple. And I’ve always had this major satisfying feeling when I recommend something and someone loves it so much. So that’s my job now, and it’s a really rewarding feeling when something I recommend changes someone else’s life. The amazing people that I’ve met and the conversations I’ve had have led to so much self growth for me and pushed me in a direction that I’m very happy to be going in my life.

What is your favorite thing to do when you have some down time?

Alyssa: I do have downtime because it is so important to me. I will make time to have downtime. That’s kind of how I recharge, as a bit of an introvert. I have downtime in the morning when I  have my coffee, do my journaling and meditate or do some sort of movement. At night, I have something sweet and watch whichever TV series my boyfriend and I are on. Right now it’s The Undoing. Highly recommend.

At-home spa day or at-the-spa spa day?

Alyssa:  I would prefer to go to a spa only because I am extremely distracted about everything in my own home and I’ve really come to notice that over quarantine. I’ll start cleaning or working or eating or something so it’s hard for me to relax sometimes. That said, I have nailed down the at-home spa night with CBD Bath Bomb, my peppermint mocha and the under eye balm all over my face as a face mask.

Besides drinking water, what’s the secret to a good skincare routine?

Alyssa: Quality over quantity. There are so many different skincare products out there, it can get so overwhelming with all the masks, oils, serums, balms, the list goes on. So I think just having a few amazing products that you trust and keep it simple. Everyone’s skin is different.

Have you run into anyone who thinks CBD doesn’t work or will get you stoned? How do you explain the benefits?

Alyssa:  People’s view on CBD, especially people who aren’t super into wellness or familiar with CBD, are changing. About a year ago, my mom and brother came to visit me and he has ADHD so it’s really hard for him to focus and I knew CBD would calm his thoughts down. We got a smoothie and I always carry CBD in my purse and I wanted to load his smoothie with CBD. He was only 13 years old at this time and my mom was so nervous that it was going to make him high. She just didn’t understand, but more and more I’ve not pushed but just talked about how amazing this product and CBD is and in general has worked for me. And I told her how many parts of my life it helped—my insomnia, anxiety, and the fact that I can take it throughout the day and not just before I go to sleep. It’s just educating people on that. And now my mom will call me and show me she’s putting CBD in her smoothies. She has realized how helpful it is and that it really works.

With love,