How to Handle It All with Allbirds

Comfort and joy might not always be so comforting.

When we think of the holidays of Nancy Meyer movies, maybe there’s more than a little daylight between them and our own festivities. There are reasons why people love them though. In that movie world, the kitchen is pretty much immaculate. Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep keeps it all together and everybody joins in at Mom and Dad’s for a big celebration and even if there is a bit of discord along the way somewhere, the Sarah Jessica Parker character (or maybe it’s Reese Witherspoon) falls in love with the blandly handsome son of her mother’s best friend and in the end everybody cry hugs.

“Home Again” and the ‘typical’ holiday table.

Your holiday is maybe a bit different and seemingly full of uncomfortable situations. You have dinner with that one uncle to look forward to, your mom is going to ask why you’re coming solo, the office White Elephant is an obstacle course of anxiety, you’re fairly certain your efforts to cook or bake anything with cinnamon and nutmeg in it will end in tears and, to top it all off you’ve been out shopping all day, elbow-to-elbow in crowds and your feet hurt.

You’re fairly certain your efforts to cook or bake anything with cinnamon and nutmeg in it will end in tears.

Now, think of the most comfortable thing you can. Being swathed in so much merino wool you are indistinguishable from a sheep, maybe on a shag carpet next to a crackling fire. Slip your feet out of the galoshes that are paining you and into a pair of comfy Allbirds Wool Runners. A book magically appears that has all of Whalebone’s friends’ easy-to-follow favorite recipes.

It’s all real.

The World’s Most Comfortable Pop-Up from Allbirds and Whalebone, a magical place where you can relax, unwind and maybe stuff cookies into the VCR will be open in New York City starting mid-November. And the Allbirds + Whalebone Holiday Comfort Cookbook will be available right around that time to provide you solace and sustenance.

Now you are all set to handle the holidays.