I Went to Governors Ball and It Was Pretty Aight

The following gallery is the result of a trip to Governors Ball Music Festival with a camera, a press pass, a few good friends and no expectations, except to have a great time. Figured out that it makes no sense to take the ferry from Manhattan to Randall’s Island as a group, because a cab directly to the festival grounds is about 3x cheaper. Accepted the fact that a tallboy of Miller Light costs $13.

Watched Mac Miller’s crowd go into a “Fuck Donald Trump” chant mid-set. Took shelter in crowded tents as heavy rain poured down over thousands of festival-goers. Sweet-talked security guards, scheming to gain access to otherwise off-limits areas. Learned that the entire third day of the festival was cancelled due to threat of lightning.

The wandering, the eclectic performances, the new friends made and old friends stumbled upon, and all of the countless special moments in between…an amazing time was had: here’s the evidence.

All words + photos courtesy of Ian Cooke.