Gothamist Gives Us the 24 Best Pizza Places in NYC

Pizza is to New York City what beer is to Germany and what brunch is to basic bitches. As a constantly-pizza-hungry college student that makes his family visits to the concrete jungle, I can attest that unless you know and/or are being hosted by pizza connoisseur, there is an awesome chance that you will be eating sub-par pie*.

Luckily, the good folks over at Gothamist have put together — not 10, not 20 — but 24 pizza places in NYC that demand you appetite and hard-earned cash. While our satellite pizza-editor, Jimmy Larkin, noted that John’s on Bleeker St. should’ve been included, he says this list is as good as 2015 pizza guides come. Check it out here.

*sub-par pizza in New York is usually still incredible by visitor/transplant standards.

Featured photo via Katie Sokoler of Gothamist.