All Good Things Must Come to an End

Until next season that is…

Oi, this weekend is going to be a big one. Not only is it Halloween, but it’s our favorite Main St. establishment’s closing party. We’re telling you this way in advance because we want you to make it all the way ’til Tuesday night. Hydrate accordingly. Maybe eat some fries.

Gig Shack Closes the Season in Grand Fashion

The Gig Shack will be open all this weekend doing lunch and dinner Friday, Saturday, and the grand finale dinner service Sunday night. That’s 6 chances to fill up on tuna taquitos, Montauk Fish Tacos and those delicious ribs before hibernating for the winter. Gray, in the kitchen, is also going to be slinging some fall seasonal specials to keep you weekend warriors on your toes.

Now that we have you in for the weekend, let me convince you why you should hang around til Tuesday. Basically, the closing of a restaurant is a little like Black Friday where everything must go. The good folks from Jagermeister and Montauk Hard Label are going to be making sure your hands are never empty and the kitchen boys are going to be putting out snacks until they literally run out of food.

Music line-up is as follows

Manny “the Reggae Man”
Montauk Project

We’re in.

And you never know who might crash, Chad Smith did play a few sets with the Montauk Project last time they played at the Shack. Fingers Crossed.

Until Tuesday, friends:

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