Flagpole Pays the Best Kind of Homage to Iconic Swimwear

Google Analytics tells us that—if you’re currently reading this—there is a 56% chance that you’re of the male gender. So congratulations, you probably don’t wear women’s swimsuits. But you certainly do look at them, every chance you get, you dog. And, generally, you probably like what you see.

Flagpole seems to have a good understanding at this universal truth, so we reached out to them and asked ’em to shoot us a few suits that we might enjoy looking at (*44% female demographic considered*), paired with some older/iconic shots that served as inspiration…which seemed #fitting with our Throwback Issue coming out this month. Dive in, below.

1. Geroge Hoyningen-Huene’s “The Divers” (Vogue)


What we love about this image is the composition and the high-contrast of black and white. It feels romantic and nostalgic and says a lot despite the simplicity.

Cruise 17, The Lynn Suit. Photo: Flagpole Swim

Cruise 17, The Lynn Suit. Photo: Flagpole

2. Granny Jo

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.39.19 PM

Designer, Jaime’s Grandmother.

This is a picture of Jaime’s Grandmother from the 1950s. From the beginning Granny Jo has always been a Flagpole style icon. In this photo she exudes style and elegance.


Spring 14, The Stephanie Suit. Photo: Flagpole

3. Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s “Under Parasols” 

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.53.12 PM

So many things to love about this photo, but what we are most drawn to is the moodiness, vibrancy and complementary colors. The umbrellas and picnic basket add an extra fun stylized touch.

Resort 15, The Warren Suit. Photo: Flagpole Swim

Resort 15, The Warren Suit. Photo: Flagpole

4. Jackie O. on Hyannis Port Beach (1960)

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.56.09 PM

Jackie O. is the definition of a Boss Lady. With style beyond her own years, she has always been a muse to us. In her swim cap, bathing suit, and with all that she is carrying, our favorite part of the photo is the candidness. She was caught in a moment of unedited joy and laughter in her bathing suit, on the beach. YES.

The Stephanie Suit from a Vogue feature in 2015. Photo: Flagpole Swim

Summer 2014, The Stephanie Suit. Photo: Flagpole

5. This awesome 1980’s pic of Ralph Lauren suits + super models.


What is there NOT to like about this photo? We argue that you can’t move forward without looking at the past. Although we are not fans of the high-cut legs, we can appreciate all inspiration that the 80’s and this photo has to offer us: bright, solid colors, great styling, and most importantly-those poses.

Spring 16, The Lynn Suit. Photo: Flagpole

Spring 16, The Lynn Suit. Photo: Flagpole

6. Marilyn

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.42.34 PM

This photo of Marilyn has always been a favorite. With so much personality, it helps us remember not to take life so seriously.

Megan + Jaime Cartwheel. Photo: Flagpole Swim

Cofounders and best friends, Megan + Jaime cartwheel. Photo: Flagpole

Catch more swimsuit feels over at Flagpole’s website, and keep your eyes happy on the daily via their Instagram.