The Tooth Fairy Is Real: Meet FIN Montauk

Photo: James Katsipis

In case your lovely mother/favorite sister/girlfriend hasn’t gently hinted it at it yet, Christmas is just over three months out. And one could say we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t help your cause + put you onto to FIN Montauk, for the matter. The increasingly popular jewelry company has made some major moves as of late, and we recently caught up with their founder, Bella Ornaf, to discuss her infatuation with making jewelry out of prehistoric shark teeth, hanging with (and around the neck of) Hodor from Game of Thrones, and where exactly the toothless masses can find + attain their increasingly-sought-after goods.

How does one get started in creating one of the most badass jewelry lines since Ring Pops? 

I was working on the Sea Turtle (a shark diving boat out of Montauk). Capt. Chuck dove 200 feet down to collect Megalodon teeth, and brought up some small ones. We were wire wrapping them in the back of the old Clam and Chowder House. and they felt like the kind of necklace you find in beach towns all over the US. I just wanted something I would wear. I wanted something people could wear on the beach, in the city, in the desert. I wanted direct access to the jewelry I used to travel the world looking for so, I started making it for myself and people that have similar taste.

Have you ever found out estimated how old some of the shark teeth are in your collections? If not, can you estimate?

Based off the area anywhere from 16-30 million years old! We never touch an unfossilized tooth.

How long have you lived in Montauk and what is the best thing on the menu at John’s Drive-In?

Four years, and the Big John burger with everything. It’s like a Big Mac in the 80’s when McDonalds was good.

Montauk is home to some unique characters and places but you recently did a cross-country adventure with your new husband. What was your favorite experience and/or place?

I loved Portland, Oregon. Everyone’s into crystals and saying hello and weird shit. There’s something for everyone. Greatest experience I have to say was Antelope Canyon—the colors of the sandstone were jaw-dropping. You have stones that are maroon, purple, yellow, orange… It was unreal.

Coolest experience so far with FIN Montauk?

The whole experience has been a trip really…but maybe seeing my jewelry on TV for the first time worn by Hodor on Conan!

Much appreciation for the #love from @kristiannairn rocking our #finmontauk megaFIN piece on #conan #comiccon #gameofthrones

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If you could ship a few pieces to one celebrity crush who would it be?

Probably Ruby Rose, she’s a beautiful badass.

Additional places besides Montauk and your website that folks could find Finn Montauk?

  • Any of the multiple Gloria Jewel shops
  • Rosebud at Koos — Madison and 93rd
  • Welcome Shoppe — 36 E 11st New York, NY 
  • Kempton & Co. — 392 Van Brunt St Brooklyn 
  • Dakes Shoppe — Harbor Island, Bahamas 
  • Mermaids and Sailors — Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Keep up with Bella and the company’s growth on the FIN Montauk Instagram + website.