Video: Drones over Iceland

Your wanderlust eye candy for the day? Yeah, you want that? Peep this video from Travel & Explore, an adventure travel company that leads epic tours to some of the most beautiful places in the world (upcoming trips include Utah in May and Hawaii in November). To hype their trip to Iceland on June 17-26 (reservations can be made shortly!), they shot this awesome aerial footage of the #well #lit country.

““Iceland is so beautiful that it is, in fact, hard to find the words or pictures to match its allure,” says T&E’s Christopher Thorn. “The northern lights are rainbows of colors dancing in the night sky. And then there are sights like the Fjaðrárgljúfur, a magnificent and massive canyon carved deeply into 100 meters of volcanic rock. There’s just an abundance of unforgettable sceneries.”

But T&E’s mission is also to school its customers on sustainable travel. “Iceland is one of the fastest-warming locations on the planet—the glaciers that occupy 10 percent of the island are losing an average of 11 billion tons of ice each year,” says Thron. “With the number of tourists to the country rising tremendously, and with nature being its top attraction, we all have a great deal of responsibility to slow climate change. Many countries are gathering together and taking the rightful measures, and Iceland has glacial rivers that are generating hydropower to provide most of the country’s electricity. But we can, and should, be doing more. Activism is our rent for living on the planet.”

Photo/video credit: Dan Fish

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