Dock to Dish Needs Your Help

Our good friends over a Dock to Dish need your help. The fresh seafood initiative working to clean up the fish sourcing industry is currently raising funds to take their operation to the next level and bring seafood traceability + sustainability up to date with the digital age.

With less than three days left, Dock to Dish is just ~$5k short of their $75k goal. If they aren’t able to hit the goal before Friday, March 31st, they won’t receive a penny of the massive support they’ve raised thus far. It’s all or nothing.

If you’re interesting in helping this good cause out, head over to the Dock to Dish Kickstarter page. They’ve got some awesome packages set up for those pledging funds + you and your future generations will be rewarded in knowing the fish served on your plates is fresh, for years and meals to come.