Master of the Operations Game

NYC. Photo: Sam Horine

Let’s keep this simple. You’re likely a person we would like to have a drink with, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this overview on an open position within Whalebone. But are you a person we would like to have a drink with AND work with everyday? That means we’d be seeing a lot of each other. Read the below and see if we scare you away.  

Director of Operations: Roles & Responsibilities

  • Don’t Suck
  • Oversee the management, implementation, oversight and day to day operation of the Whalebone planning and operations process in line with strategic plans and quarterly/annual operating objectives.
  • Within reason, you will largely be tasked with implementing and executing on event ideas, experiences, and other initiatives that Whalebone may pursue – we all dream it together, you execute on it. This isn’t all on you, but mostly it is. We hope you can delegate well.
  • Alongside directors, develop, oversee and manage short and long-term operational budgets and advise if additional budgets/staffing/assistance is needed on an ongoing basis.
  • Manage process changes, enhancements, and modifications to facilitate implementation of new or improved business processes to help establish and meet performance goals and metrics. Including collaborating with the leadership team to develop and implement plans for a better infrastructure of systems, policies, processes, and staff needs.
  • Ensure team members across the organization are always aligned and informed of key expectations, dates, budgets and other critical data points toward smooth execution of all initiatives.
  • Work with clients and sponsors to effectively implement contracted deliverables across all initiatives.
  • Can recite or appreciate daily references to 80’s movies, 90’s pop culture, good current shows on Netflix and/or anything to do with dragons or lake towns in Missouri    
  • Monitor/update/streamline process of maintaining and organizing required Insurance/NDA/releases/and permissions requests from relevant activities
  • Monitor department performance against goals to ensure that expectations are exceeded
  • Dedication to building and growing a strong and sustainable team environment
  • Based in NYC and willing to travel as necessary for Whalebone initiatives.

Minimum Requirements

  • Basically you’ll manage the day to day operations of the ship.
  • Adequate swimming abilities
  • Must have gone to one of our events or read our magazine/website/newsletter/ social
  • Bachelors Degree or great at forging one
  • 5+ years experience in operations/management/ass kicking
  • Ability to develop and use analytics/KPI’s to help drive daily decisions and overall strategy
  • Project management experience and experience managing a team in a fast-paced but culture-first environment.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal, written, and karaoke-based
  • Experience in developing and managing department budgets.
  • Based in NYC and willing to travel as necessary for Whalebone initiatives.
  • Don’t forget, no sucking.

If this sounds like you, shoot us a note with “Indiana Jones” in the subject line and your resume to

We look forward to high-fiving some day.