Danny, You Blew it || Erika, the Pleasure is All Mine

Edited by Whalebone Media. Screen Shot from NASA Satellite Images

Danny, we had high expectations for you and you let us down. We see you down there still lingering in the Caribbean. Maybe your indulging on a rum drink, which is nice, but we wish you would have come to visit. The weather has been beautiful, and if you haven’t heard, the East End is the place to be in the summer. Yet for some reason, you didn’t make it up here. It looks like you might show us a little something tomorrow or the next day, and this may be selfish, but it’s not really good enough. So good riddance I suppose.

In case you didn’t know, Danny is a hurricane and we treat hurricanes with the up-most respect, almost as if they were human. Why? Well because you never know what a hurricane has the potential to do, and more often then not we are let down by an over hyped swell forecast. So yes — we’ll treat hurricanes as people, so by some karma driven way, we might score some waves in the near future.

Danny in his final hours Screen Shot from Weather.com

Danny in his final hours. Screen Shot from Weather.com

Last week we saw a glimmer of hope when weather analysts predicted Danny might head our way, but that soon faded as he moved towards the Lesser Antilles. Danny’s projected path, at the moment, has him heading right into the islands that make up the Caribbean where he will eventually weaken and die. Because Danny followed this path, we are not going to see the jump in swell we were hoping for, but we might see a small ESE ground swell this afternoon into tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday.

Although we were let down by Danny, there are a few tropical depressions off the coast of Africa that are headed our way. These storms might give us a nice run of surf going into the last couple weeks of summer and the new friend on everyone’s minds, as Danny fades, is Tropical Storm Erika. Although at the moment Erika is looking to head in a similar path as Danny, we east coast surfers have to keep our hopes up.


Tropical Storm Erika. Photo from Phys.org

Due to an El Niño year, the Atlantic has been experiencing a less active hurricane season than usual, and Danny was actually the first tropical depression of the year to reach hurricane status. So yes things are as they seem — we are currently putting all of our eggs into one basket with Erika, as we did with Danny. So don’t screw this up Erika, we’re counting on you because Danny blew it… We need this.

Head over to Weather.com for more information on the storm and to stay on top of the Tropical Update. Also, keep up with the Whalebone Surf Report this week as Danny fades and Erika approaches, and be sure to follow the report on Instagram @whalebonesurfreport for the daily morning update. Good luck this week and keep your fingers crossed for Erika.