Dalton Portella’s The Shark Room

shark show Square copy

For years, Dalton Portella has been an artist out here on the east end. From working in the film industry as a film poster designer to putting together some of the most amazing photography recreations we have ever seen, Portella has over time left a stamp in the Montauk community as one of its most celebrated creative members. As a man of many mediums, this time he has chosen paint.

This weekend, Portella will be the first resident artist opening up the new Gallery at Atlantic Terrace with his Shark Room paintings exhibit.

The Shark Room exhibit will be opening on Saturday June 13, at the Gallery at the Atlantic Terrace and will be a display of Portella’s simple, yet so detailed and elegant shark paintings. In our eyes these paintings very much exemplify the kind of artist Portella is; forward yet reserved, while clean and abstract at the same time.

_MG_9584-1 copy

This show in particular will be a cool one for any ocean lover or art enthusiast, unless you’re terrified of sharks. In which case then, we don’t know what to tell you other than you should still check it out and go meet the eccentric man that is Dalton Portella.

Although the show will be on display until July 8, try and get down to the show this weekend, from 3-9 p.m., to see what Dalton has come up with in his latest gallery showing.