Casual Conversation with the Leader of the Facial Hair Movement, Movember

Doug. Photo: Movember

Through a set of unlikely circumstances that involves an email chain with an above-ground network of facial hair enthusiasts, we recently got the opportunity to put the moustache-wielding gent behind the Movember Foundation community, Doug Prusoff, in the barber’s chair.

We hit Doug with the hard questions, like, what was the last food item he got stuck in his mustache, has he ever been refused service because of his facial hair orientation, who’s got the best ‘stache in the game? Check out his well groomed answers +more, below.

Note: We’ve also teamed up with Movember to offer our Mustache Tee with proceeds going toward the organization through November. If you can’t grow a mustache, consider this a next best option to support the cause.

What’s the most difficult part about running an organization that promotes men’s health via facial hair growth?

As a member of the Development team, the most difficult part is ensuring people understand that, while the moustache is the symbol of the Movember Foundation, the conversations it creates are the life-blood of what we do. I think most people that hear the term “Movember” think of facial hair and immediately decide whether or not Movember is for them.

It’s important to realize that whether you’re male or female, men’s health is a cause that impacts all of our lives and there are a number of different options to get involved and support the cause if you want to help create a world where men live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Most memorable moustache you’re eyes have come across since Movember launched?

This is my 5th campaign working for the Foundation and I’ve had the pleasure of coming across some pretty amazing moustaches. However, I think the moustaches that stand out the most are the guys “blessed” enough to be able to connect their facial hair to their body hair. Once you make the connection, you open up a whole world of possibilities. I’ve seen everything from cats, to alligators, to a number of other fun and creative conversation starters.

Last food item you got stuck in your moustache?

Working for the Foundation, I’m rocking a moustache pretty much year round at this point in my life, so have gotten used a lot of the most common food issues. One of the most memorable experiences I had was a photoshoot a while back where I was tasked with getting cotton candy stuck in my moustache. Although it was super sticky, it was a little bit tough to capture on camera, so I ended up consuming more cotton candy than I’m proud to admit.

Best facial hair pun you’ve ever heard?

I think there were actually some pretty solid ones that popped up with this recent presidential election. “Make Moustaches Great Again” and “I’m With Fur” were two of my personal favorites.

Preferred stache conditioner?

Well, I’m pretty fortunate. Because I work at the Foundation I get to try product samples from some of the amazing companies that we’ve partnered with over the years. I’m a big fan of the Uppercut products and can always feel good knowing that they are donating 15% back of every purchase to support the cause.

Google “Shad Khan”. First thought that comes to mind when you see his face?

Great look, but a little too much maintenance for me. I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to my facial hair so I really don’t let my moustache get long enough to where I’d have to use product to prevent hairs from getting in my mouth.

Have you ever been refused service because your moustache game was too strong?

Quite the opposite. The moustache is a great conversation starter for most Movember participants in the month of November, but I tend to get a good amount of compliments, high fives, and every once and a while a free drink or two when they see the moustache, which explains why I rock it on a year-round basis.

Does the organization have any connections with the people championing moustaches on Cinco de Mayo?

Movember is all about growing the moustache in the month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. While we run some other amazing awareness campaigns on a year round basis, encouraging men to grow the moustache happens strictly in the month of Movember for us.

Rewrite the origin of the moustache in 1-2 sentences.

The Movember moustache started back in 2003 with a challenge amongst friends to grow their Mo’s for the month of “Movember.” Amazed by the amount of conversations it started, the founders realized the potential of using the moustache to help raise much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.

The greatest moustache in the history of great mustaches belonged to…

I think each generation has their version of the iconic moustache whether that be Burt Reynolds, Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman), or otherwise. But, while I may be biased, I strongly believe that the greatest moustaches are the ones grown by guys who know it’s not going to look good. There’s something truly powerful about a guy that’s willing to put his pride on hold for the month and be involved in something bigger than himself.

Keep up with the increasingly popular moustache movement via Movember’s website and Instagram. Thanks for making the time, Doug.