Casual Conversation with NYC Footwear Co. J/Slides

Out here. Photo: Whalebone

Having a comfortable pair of shoes in the city is essential. Actually, anywhere you go — you’ll find that comfy footwear will serve you well. But we’re not trying to see you wear crocs that often. So, we’re introducing you to J/Slides.

The NYC-based footwear company is working to usher in a new line of footwear that is as comfortable to wear as it is fashionable to rock. We got in touch with their founder, Jay Litvack, to get to know the brand a bit more.

Take us on a journey to the beginning of J/Slides? How did the company come to life?

I have worked in the shoe business for big companies for years. We wanted to develop a brand that focused specifically on cool design and forward thinking fashion but was also comfy for modern women on the go. No one has done that before. Also we wanted a price point that was quality without pretension. We are New Yorkers — with a laid back, non-commercial vibe and value being independent, resourceful and giving back to the community.

How did you land on the name J/Slides, and what does the “J” stand for?

The “J” is for me — Jay Litvack. We started out with slides only and then developed it into a full line as we grew.

If you had to pick one shoe from your collection to wear around Montauk, what would it be?

Aztec is a phenomenon. It’s really taken off — super comfortable as well as great looking.


The Aztec Shoe. Photo: Whalebone

Can you recall the most unexpected or prominent place you’ve found inspiration for your brand?

Montauk and the beach. My wife and I have been coming out to Montauk for years. We love the casual attitude, its sense of style without pretension. We are born-and-bred New Yorkers and also love the dynamism and versatility of the city, but we try to get to the beach as often as possible.

What’s the hardest part about working in footwear design — something that the everyday commuter/shoe-wearer wouldn’t know?

To develop a comfort piece to the fashion piece has been challenging but we have mastered it with J/Slides.

The Parker Shoe. Photo: J/Slides

The Parker Shoe. Photo: J/Slides

What would you consider you greatest accomplishment since opening the doors at J/Slides?

That our customer absolutely loves the shoes! That’s the ultimate compliment — and tells us we are on track.

What does the future of J/Slides look like? Can we expect the J/Slides for men? 

Very exciting. Mens is launching early next year — Feburary 2017!

Keep up with J/Slides on their Instagram — @jslidesfootwear. Thanks Jay.