Capturing Camp Hero: A Different Kind of Change

For most of Montauk’s summer visitors, the Point is a popular place to see. Geographically, it is the easternmost tip of Long Island with panoramic views of the ocean and the picturesque lighthouse. But, just west of this attraction is a lesser known spot which features some of the East End’s more hidden wonders. This is Camp Hero State Park, the former site of Montauk Air Force Station, now turned parkland. Situated on the shoreline just before the Point, the park consists of the remains of the old military base as well as hiking trails throughout.

Take the trails to the water and here you will find the dramatic bluffs known as hoodoos. A take on the word voodoo, due to their eerie appearance, the hoodoos are evidence of the strength of the ocean. They exist in a state of change as wind and water continuously erodes their layers — a harsh but beautiful reminder of nature’s force in the East End’s backyard.