Book The Boneyard

“Book the Boneyard.” Apparently we can use just that phrase because bookings have been happening since we mentioned the idea to a few close friends but then someone said, “Hey, Whalebone should maybe consider creating a little form thing online where people can go and book in advance.” So here we are. If you’re confused and lost as to why you’d book The Boneyard, what the hell The Boneyard is, or if you somehow landed on this page out of the blue, then please allow us to further expand on the concept.

If you already know what The Boneyard is feel free to skip this next part and just go here to book The Boneyard. But no more than 10 people can be in your group. Them the rules, Sally. For everyone else a little about The Boneyard.

In 2019, Whalebone Magazine opened up a small shop at the end of a long road next to a big ocean in Montauk, NY. The shop was initially designed to be a simple place to read magazines but then somehow coffee service and clothes and YETI coolers became involved. Then a golden retriever and a record player from Shinola showed up one day and now the small shop at the end of a long road next to a big ocean has a little vibe and a good breeze and lots of nature. It also has a backyard. And in that backyard are nice comfortable outdoor chairs kindly provided by Design Within Reach and then there’s a croquet set, an accommodating oversized picnic table, cold drinks, a bunch of birds singing like it’s a Disney movie on sunny days, a view of the sunset, a world-class restaurant next door at Inlet Seafood and the beach about 100 yards away and a fair amount of green grass. Not shabby. Inside the shop, you’ll find a collection of good brands and items worth exploring from Whalebone, Ansea, Fair Harbor, Electric, YETI, JUST Water, Sail Away Coffee, and other things that end up going back down the long road in visitors’ cars. The coffee service seems to have expanded a little with a new outdoor service window. Inside the shop is currently unavailable for shopping unless it is by reservation or appointment. Someone slipped the internet guy a twenty because it seems we have the fastest internet in the world most hours on the day. Some hours it’s the slowest internet in the world. There are a few hightops and some outlets.

The Boneyard has undergone some changes and there are new safety measures in place because of the you-know-what so we’ll do our part to help keep those that make the adventure down the long road to the small shop by the big ocean as safe as we can if you promise to not tell every John and Jill about our little slice of heaven…that can be booked for your small event up to about 20 people or so.