OK, You Can Do More At The Boneyard Than Read Magazines

You Got Us.


emember when we told you the Boneyard was a place to read magazines? Well, that’s only half true, or maybe it’s more like three-fifths true. We don’t really know, we were not math majors. We leave that kind of stuff up to the accountant and he is currently not speaking to us after an argument over some charges on the company card that may or may not be related to an attempt to ship a live alligator from Florida to New York. Point is, there are a few other things to do at the Boneyard besides reading magazines that you might be interested in hearing about. There are no live alligators though (thanks, accounting) and if you just want to come and sit down and relax and read magazines and listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong records you can do that, too.

A few other things you will find at the Boneyard besides magazines to read


When Roy and Ryan Seiders were young they put things in coolers, as one does, but found that the coolers available were unreliable, often finding broken latches and faulty lids leading to calamities like bears emptying the contents of said coolers and also sometimes warm beer. They grew up to establish YETI in 2006 so that others could avoid these same disasters and now in 2019 you can find the coolers (and some sturdy drinkware) at The Boneyard in a range of colors. If we had the alligator we could have demonstrated how durable and strong the YETI coolers are but, again, thanks to the accountant, we cannot do that. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

Practice your short game with Callaway after reading Pivot the Mag.


Mowellens founder Amy Duncan ran a freaking genetics laboratory before she developed a lab-tested, high terpene, pure, natural, cannabis products in the Mowellens line. The oils, creams and honey with CBD and hemp extracts you can get at The Boneyard will not get you high, but they will make you feel good.


The RAEN sunglasses with polarized lenses at The Boneyard are made for seeing well near the water, not for reading (though they do make glasses for that, too, if you need). They look pretty good though, so you may want to keep them on while you are reading magazines. We’ve got the snazzy sunglasses in mens, women’s, and unisex-style styles.


Did you know that a plastic bottle, instead of ending up in the ocean, can be made into a pair of board shorts? Actually it takes about 11 off them, which is even more plastic not in the ocean when Fair Harbor turns bottles into bathing suits for men and women. Mosey on over to the apparel rack at The Boneyard and feel the soft, water repellent fabric for yourself.


The coffee at The Boneyard comes in two temperatures—hot and cold brew. The cold brew is smooth and creamy thanks to the nitro-powered tap but packs a wallop. That one is also available in cans if you are the go and cannot wait for Jo to fill a glass or want to have some for later. All temperature of coffee is by Long Island-based Sail Away.

Let’s say you are stressed out. Maybe because live alligators are trying to break into your YETI and get at all the sweet, sweet Montauk Brew Co. inside. Luckily, the good folks at Sweet Reason have fully stocked The Boneyard with their sparkling water containing 7mg of hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) to help keep you cool, calm and collected. And we’ve got in grapefruit, cucumber + mint, and strawberry + lavender.

Sometimes life is not as stressful as prehistoric reptiles trashing your nice little pop-up, and you’re just in need of a clear mind and a healthy gut. At The Boneyard, you can find Brew Dr.’s ginger turmeric, mint lemonade, super berry and clear mind kombucha behind the counter.

How about a nice protein drink that foots the bill for a boost and isn’t made for those looking to get swole? OWYN’s 100% plant-based protein drinks come in dark chocolate, cold brew coffee, smooth vanilla, strawberry banana, cookies & cream, and turmeric golden mylk, which all deliver nine essential amino acids.

For satisfying simple hydration needs without producing a -ton of plastic waste, we’ve got you covered with JUST Water that comes in plant-based cartons. Simple. And no added waste to giant floating plastic barges in the ocean the size of Texas.


Some people read things longer than magazines that are made of paper and not on a Kindle. These things are called books, and we have a selection of them at the Boneyard from Whalebone Magazine’s Summer Reading Staff Picks featured in the upcoming Summer Issue of Whalebone Magazine. Thanks to our friends at Berry & Co. for setting up a shelf with things made of paper that are thicker than the magazines.


Thanks to Design Within Reach there are a variety of very attractive chairs in which you can sit, and, sure, if you are so inclined, enjoy an issue of Whalebone Magazine.

The Boneyard is at 541 East Lake Dr. in Montauk, NY.