Bombs Away

Photography by James Katsipis & Joe Marche

We could give you a lot of meteorological jargon and pretend that we’ve been talking about “cyclogenesis” all our lives. We haven’t, and we are pretty sure we are living through what is basically a special effect for an environmental disaster movie.

You can read all the appropriate weatherman-on-crank speak in places like this. Or you can just watch that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where a climatologist played by Dennis Quaid tries to warn everybody about the coming of a global climate cataclysm, but nobody listens. Basically the same thing.

All that being said, the word “bombogenesis” is a fun one and we are going to keep on saying it. Even after it stops snowing sideways. All you need to know is that the bomb part comes from the word “bomb,” as in like a bomb. Which seems not technical nor scientific at all but we’ll take it.

In the meantime, while you ponder new weather-related syllogisms and think to yourself, “Only Hollywood could come up with a scenario where the country is run by a game show host in a clown wig who ignores all reasoning and data about climate change and extreme weather while North America gets pummeled” enjoy these photographs our friends James Katsipis and Joe Marche braved bombs to bring you.

Indian Wells was firing. Anybody have an 8mm?