Bill Murray Can Crash Here

There’s an ol’ saying that a certain someone might not be the person you want, but the person you need (or something like that). That saying does not apply to Bill Murray, because Bill Murray is the both the actor we want and the actor we need. Murray recently #blessed Vanity Fair by letting them use his charming half-smile and untrying demeanor on the cover of their latest issue, and while that makes us happy, we’re even happier to know that the cover was actually shot in Montauk by the likes of Bruce Weber.

Get behind the scenes with Bruce and Bill.

You can read the whole shebang over here on VF’s website (it’s incredibly well written, features a winsome behind-the-scenes video of Bill’s cover and is filled with handsomely honest knowledge that only Murray can provide). And hey, Bill Murray, if you are reading this, we love you.