Beyonce, Eat Your Heart Out

@stueycampbell on the grams

There is a 60% chance you’ve already done it today—checked an Instagram story. This next best fatal addiction in the world is ready to serve our very own personal ravenous appetite for entertainment like we’re named Herman and it is a 90-oz. Diet Coke. Thank you, Senor Zuckerberg, for somehow figuring out a way to get us to spend more time looking at our stupid screens—you’re a real jerk Mark but we secretly love/hate you.

Future bad eyesight, social issues, and health problems aside we’ll be damned if Jaimie Sullivan and Stuey Campbell have not been making the case for taking the Homecoming King & Queen crown for our most loved couple of Instagram, and their Instagram Stories might make and take and then eat the cake. Love is in the air, but really, it is Stu’s ability to turn almost every situation into some form of Beyonce or RiRi dance party that is worth the follow and further investigation here.

Thank you, Stuey. Thank you.

And like any great couple that we enjoy, they’re weird in a very good way. Great people just have a range of taste and interest that does not fit nicely into a box. That in mind, they’re also not shy about putting a few quarters in the jukebox when the time comes. Stu and Jaimie were kind enough to share back a playlist of their own imaginations, and we’d like to think this bodes well to know we’re not the only ones that will put ODB and the Zach Brown Band on the same playlist. Give the newlyweds a follow if time allows, but enjoy these toe-tappers off a quality playlist the next time you’re thumbing through the good old Instagram.