Ben Gravy: 11 Things

Novelty Waves and the Quest For Plasmatic Destruction

You may or may know Ben Gravy as a surfer, vlogger, guitarist, root beer enthusiast and haver of an America Online account. The easiest way to describe him is how he describes himself on his popular YouTube channel: “Best looking rapper in the game!”

We asked him 11 things.

What is your full name and where were you born?
Benjamin Franklin Graeff, born in 1988 at Reading hospital in Pennsylvania.

Where do you currently live and why?
I currently live in New Jersey, because that’s where my family is and the surf gets really good!

How did surfing enter your life?
Surfing entered my life through my dad, The Sasquatch and my older brother, Hob. When Hob was 10 (I was 8) he worked a few days landscaping with my dad and a buddy. As payment Sasquatch’s friend gave him an “In the Eye” surfboard. We paddled out once, stood up right away and haven’t stopped since.

You seem to be person smiling the most whether with exceptional summer surf conditions or being slung into an icy river bath. What advice would you give a person who might be a little less happy with life?
Through almost three decades of going for it, trial and error style. I’ve learned that the cards hardly, if ever, fall in one’s favor. The only thing to really do in life is take the moment we’re given and embrace the fuck out of it. Most of life can be pretty mundane, but all that time that we could consider boring is an opportunity to change the world. There’s no secret, a ladder is climbed one step at a time.

The only thing to really do in life is take the moment we’re given and embrace the fuck out of it.

Novelty waves need to be given credit where credit is due. What are three novelty waves you have yet to experience that you need to?
Oh man there’s so many novelty waves my bucket list, it’s, like, never-ending. However, there’s a few dreamers that I think about all the time. The silver dragon tidal bore in China is unreal, full cityscape in the background as you surf for miles down a river. Kelly Slater’s wave pool, for obvious reasons!! Stoked that I’m supposed to be going to this year!! Finally, the snake river in Wyoming is prob the coolest looking river wave I’ve seen yet!!

Best wave of your life?
The best waves of my life I’ve caught at home during big NE swells or hurricanes. We get big open barrels & solid overhead conditions on the right combo!!

You find a suitcase of money under a bridge that you were scouting for a remote secret wave and it is filled with $112,000 and the mystery long-lost diary of Elvis. You can only keep one. Which are you going with?
That’s pretty tough, because I have no idea how much an Elvis diary would be worth, but I’m guessing a super fan would be willing to pay more than $112k. So I’d go with the diary because I could have a one-of-a-kind vlog about finding it!

Best place to eat in New Jersey?
For me, as a vegan, my girlfriend Jordan’s kitchen!!

Your favorite surf movie and non-surf movie of all-time?
I watched Volcom movies, on VHS, front to back all day long when I was a kid. They’re filled with tons of humor and creativity. They also celebrate randomness, and I love that. “Magna Plasm” easily tops the list with the slow-mo “Buenos Tardes Amigos” part. That section helped shaped my career. As far as actual movies?  I don’t know. I’m not really into them, but I’ve seen 8 Mile like a million times.


Two Instagram accounts everyone should follow?
Man, that is really tough…there are so many hilarious Instagram accounts out there. @cherdleys is pretty much the funniest person I’ve ever seen and @stab because they posted my novelty exploits for years before other people noticed.

Your prediction on what the world will be like by December 31, 2018. Major changes?
I believe that the world will be a more positive place. There’s an awakening happening and people are ready to be happier, more productive and more grateful. I’m planning on trying to help that happen, as much as I can, through my videos and the way that I live my own life!


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