Win A Trip to Belize with SurfYogaBeer


magine this, ladies (and gents): it’s almost the New Year and you still haven’t used all of your vacation days. But you can’t decide whether to take a yoga retreat into nature, go diving down to some of the Caribbean’s great coral reefs, or just kick back with some local bites and brews.

Why choose? Belize has it all—and if you sign up for Whalebone’s Belize contest, you could win a trip to Belize for you and your favorite person with SurfYogaBeer.

Whether you’re trailblazing your own way through Belize or hanging with the cool folks at SurfYogaBeer, you’re going to run into trouble. That is the kind of trouble that looks like a bottle of Belikin and too much time on your hands.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to get in trouble in Belize:

Swimming—and shredding—with the fish

A lot of Belize’s coastline is outlined by beautiful coral reefs, but if you look hard enough, there’s some pretty prime surf just offshore, at Long Caye, Glover’s Reef. Whether a board or a snorkel is more your speed, you won’t find a clearer, more tempting sea.

Pros: close-up look at Belize’s crazy and colorful sea life, long rides, sick photo-ops
Cons: sirens and sunburn

Letting the (downward) dogs out

There’s not much better than starting your day on the beach, revving up your body and spirit with some sunrise yoga. Find your center and give your core a great toning workout.

Pros: inner peace, flexibility, strength, killer bod, very instagrammable
Cons: might make you a little sore, but no pain no gain

Time traveling (without creating paradoxes)

You can literally walk into history when you visit Belize’s Mayan ruins. Meet the “stone woman” Xunantunich, a jade head of the Mayan Sun God at Altun Ha, and other ancient marvels.

Pros: you get a healthy appreciation for the region’s history, see impressive monuments, and take peek tourist photos
Cons: it’s not actual time travel

Ruining our beach bods

Chances are if you’re doing anything else on this list, you’re burning more than enough calories to indulge fully in Belize’s local cuisine. Tamales, anyone?

Pros: more ceviche, lobster, Johnny cakes and traditional rice and beans than you know what to do with (or how to caption)
Cons: you’re gonna need to nap in the shade for a while before you try to do anything else

Reaching new heights

Belize is a daredevil’s dream. You can ride one of the longest zip-lines in Central America and fly through rainforests, mountains and waterfalls at Mayflower Bocawina National Forest. If that doesn’t get your heart beating fast enough, many local outfitters will take you on cave tours and rappelling.

Pros: the best views in Belize, the adrenaline rush, stories to tell your grandkids
Cons: you might not live to meet your grandkids