Beach Sweep – Keeping the Beach Beautiful

Trash on Montauk Beach Courtesy of 27East

If you’re like us, you’re probably in the office right now thinking of summer. A nice breeze flutters across your back, relieving you from the scorching sun as you walk from beach to beach, enjoying the scenery. As you walk, your feet sink into the soft, cool sand and – crunch. A beer can? That’s definitely not supposed to be there.

Main Beach, East Hampton, the Hamptons, Long Island, New York State, United States of America, North America

Main Beach, East Hampton Courtesy of Relevance New York.

Our beaches host thousands upon thousands of people per day, and for some odd reason, not everyone was taught that garbage goes in the garbage can, or maybe it just magically appears there. Who knows?

In order to prep for the upcoming summer and the usual litter spike, the 2nd Annual Shoreline Sweep took place on a warm sunny Sat., of April 11.

Volunteers were invited to choose one of 16 locations, ranging from Wainscott Beach on Beach Lane to Camp Hero in Montauk, to go out and clean up. They walked along our beautiful beaches, picking up trash and enjoying the view on what turned to out to be an equally beautiful spring day.


Hamptons Beach Courtesy of

Volunteers were asked to bring two garbage bags and a pair of gloves. As they filled their bags, they were tied up and left on the beach for pick up by the town. From 2:30-4:30 p.m. volunteers are invited to Hoie Hall at St. Luke Episcopal Church for refreshments and entertainment in celebration of the clean initiative day.


Founder of Dell R. Cullum noted that last year there were 89 volunteers who collected 3500 lbs. of junk, and that this year was close in numbers as well, cleaning beaches from Montauk Point to Georgica Beach for only just a few hours.

If you missed it, then head out yourself and pick up some trash! Enjoy that beach and keep an eye out for next year’s event. To sign up for the clean up or to find out more about future events, check out