Beach Babes & Bikini Brands: Kaileigh Swimwear

Bikinis are the newest craze. They have taken over social media in the the masses with millions of followers made up of both girls and guys. They have become one of the largest consumer purchased items in the world. There are hundreds of brands all over the globe who focus on swimwear, and now the local girls are getting involved to make their mark.

The Brand:

Growing up in Montauk, Ariana Jasuta was constantly surrounded by beach culture and the newest swimwear trends. Not only was she surrounded by it, but she was immersed in that world, wearing bikinis almost every day.

After much trial and error in her first year as a designer, Ariana launched her perfected Montauk based swimsuit brand this summer named Kaileigh Swimwear. Kaileigh, which is an acronym near and dear to her, reads “Kai,” meaning sea in Hawaiian, and Leigh, being Ariana’s middle name.

12sunset copy

With a love for the ocean, the beach and bikinis, Jasuta has always had a ‘passion for fashion,’ so swimwear design has always been a big part of her life and came naturally to her. Too add to that love for beach culture, her background in clothing from various retail jobs as a young fashionista and a stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology helped her along the way to design Kaileigh as well.

It all really started though, after she was inspired by a friend in Hawaii who had told her that girls over on the rock were making their own bikinis. With her love for bikinis and following the word of this news, she took a trip to the Garment District in New York City to pick up some fabric and thread to give it a try. As a result, in 2013,  Jasuta made her first swimsuit, which she now calls the “Montauk” bikini and the rest is history.

The Product:

Trust us, coming from the girls at Whalebone, these bikinis are not only a must have for summer 2015, but they are really comfy, stylish and cool. They are all reversible and sold as separate pieces. Every print has a corresponding solid as its reverse color, which makes them so easy to mix and match. The possibilities really are endless in Kaileigh, which Jasuta feels is one of the brand’s most unique qualities.

trixie_limeF copy

Ariana in Kaileigh and Whalebone, YAS!


Moving forward, she is excited to share Kaileigh with the world, to see what the future holds for the brand, and she is hoping that bikini lovers are feeling the same way!

I’m really excited to launch 2015 this summer and to be a part of local business, but I am also really excited for the 2016 line! I am in the sampling process right now, but after learning so much over the past year, my 2016 line will be double the size. People should expect Kaileigh Swimwear to keep getting better and growing with more variety in styles and patterns for more mix and match combinations suitable for every kind of beach babe.— Jasuta.


You can pick up your Kaileigh Swimwear at, and soon at Whalebone Creative.

As a sign off, being the blonde-haired, beach-babe she is, Jasuta had a little treat for us. Some recommendations from the designer herself! She told us her favorite ‘kini’ is a combo of the Kaileigh top, the Montauk, which is super flattering in the front and strappy in the back, and the Atlantic bottom, which are wide on the side and cinched in the back, for that cheeky, but classy look. She also gave us a little behind the scenes insight on what makes her beach days perfect with a couple things she fits in her beach bag on the daily to maximize beach-day fun, especially on this 4th of July weekend.

IMG_0073 copy

Owner/Designer Ariana Jasuta

What is in Ariana’s Beach Bag?

  • Kaileigh Swimsuit
  • A Good Book (reading Girl on a Train right now)
  • Coola Sunscreen
  • Nixon Speakers
  • Flash Tattoos
  • GoPro
  • Water
  • Montauk Brewing Company Summer Ale
  • Beach Blanket


Keep up with Kaileigh on Instagram @kaileighswimwear, be sure to check out this summer’s line and keep and eye out for 2016’s coming soon.