A Little Bit of Backstory on Whalebone’s First Photo Contest

The Whalebone Magazine Photo Issue Photography Contest for Photographers, now in its second year, is accepting submissions now, but how’d we get here?

You are not on the right page if you’re looking to submit your photos for a chance to win $25,000 and help support the COVID-19 relief efforts for No Kid Hungry. That is located at whalebonephotocontest.com but while you’re here we guess we’ll tell you the genesis of the photo contest you’re looking for and at the end of this story there’s a big button you can hit to get all the details about the prize money, and categories and how to enter and all that.

A long long time ago we had just produced a print magazine and created some hand-crafted clothing in Montauk, NY. Then we bought a van and things grew from there. Along the way, Whalebone was privileged to be able to spend time and do projects with some amazing humans. Turns out that many of the humans were people that walked around with a camera in their hands.

Then we bought a van and things grew from there.

The more time we spent with photographers from all over the world, the more it became apparent that we weren’t doing enough to honor these storytellers. And this goes for photographers of all skill levels. Their enthusiasm, approach to life and work ethic outpaces many others and their reward is often very little for one image.

You see where this is going. But we’re not very comfortable saying what is and what is not a quality photo because, and we’re likely biased, many of the images that make their way to Whalebone often have a sense of delight, humanness, and inspiration. So we landed on this Photo Contest idea and thankfully a handful of amazing photographers (and just incredible individuals) agreed to be on the judging panel: Walter Iooss, Morgan Maassen and Danny Clinch. Then we reached out to some brands that we think are doing good things and asked them to be involved and B&H Photo, JUST Water, Montauk Brewing Co., Huckberry, Urban Armor Gear and JuneShine wrote us back and said hey that sounds pretty great. So now you know how we built the idea of this Photo Contest. Hopefully, we don’t screw up too many times in our first attempt at this.