[Back in the Day] A Summer with the Kennedys in Montauk

Featured photo: Jonas Mekas

If you’ve ever found yourself digging into the history of famous artists and their often-as-wild properties on a rainy Sunday afternoon, there’s a good chance you’re eyes have passed over a story/article/feature on the Warhol Estate. Andy Warhol’s oceanfront compound in Montauk—which was purchased for $225,000 in 1971 and recently sold for $50 million in 2015—famously housed and inspired figures such as the Rolling Stones, Paul Morrissey and more pop-culture icons in the final quarter of the 20th century.

Now, thanks to Jonas Mekas—a celebrated filmmaker, artist and poet—folks like you and us will be able to get a intimate look into life on the estate, all via a pictorial focus on the summer when the Kennedys enjoyed vacation on the premises back in 1972. In the teaser gallery above, you can catch a glimpse of Mekas’ captures, featuring Warhol, John F. Kennedy Jr. and others running afoot on the famed summer compound.

The entire photographic exhibition, hosted by Johan Kugelberg at Boo-Hooray Summer Rental in Montauk, opens July 1st and will run up until July 14th. Stop by and check out the collection of unseen visuals from the summer of ’72 + hear more about the entire photobook from Jonas and Johan, dropping this fall.


Jonas Mekas Boo-Hooray Flier v1 square