An Affair Out East

Photo Credit: MCT / Steven Lippman

Our own backyard takes lead in the Showtime Series, “The Affair,” which appeared last fall with a pretty fantastic first season, landing a Golden Globe in the process. I think the title gives away the main thread of the story, but trust us, there’s a hell of a lot more going on behind the curtain.

The show’s creator Sarah Treem pulled out all the stops in this film noir style show that flips back and forth between the differing accounts of events that transpired between Noah (played by Dominic West) and Alison (a role crushed by Ruth Wilson), one fateful Summer out in Montauk.

Copyright: Showtime 2015

Photo: Steven Lippman for Showtime

While the show may not have gotten the Summer crowds right in its sprawling yet oddly empty landscapes of Ditch and the Lake (hey sometimes a show’s first season doesn’t have that extra 10,000 extras a day budget), they sure as hell highlighted the pristine beauty of what truly makes Montauk the Wild Wild East. You’ll definitely recognize some memorable landmarks as you try and figure out what the hell is going on in this one. Flipping back and forth in time to police interrogation recounts of events, a la the True Detective style of late, each episode leaves you just knowing something nuts is in store.

Check out the full review from our friends over at Indiewire, and be sure to check this series out on your next Sunday afternoon binge.. If not for the great cinematography and storytelling, then at least for the fact that it may be your last chance to see get a glimpse of an uncrowded Ditch Plains until after Labor Day!