Epic Foundation Founder Alexandre Mars

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In His Own Words

Alexandre Mars, Founder & CEO, Epic Foundation

In 2013, I realized that I was in a position to finally dedicate my time to advocate for more social justice. I sold my fourth startup, carried out my own market study and even spent eight months traveling around the world with my wife and kids to meet with philanthropists, social development experts, policy makers, leaders of NGOs, and social entrepreneurs to identify the pain points of the philanthropic industry.

Alexandre Mars in Mumbai.

From the homeless LGBT teens in NY who find shelter, support, and teaching programs at the Ali Forney Center, to the refugee students in Germany who can pursue their studies thanks to Kiron, to the children in the red light areas of Mumbai who Prerana help escape the cycle of inter-generational trafficking, the 29 social organizations selected and backed by Epic change the lives of disadvantaged youth on a daily basis.

If I could change one thing in the world right now:

I would abolish indifference.

I cannot and will not accept a world where your place of birth may condemn you to a predetermined life of poverty, a life devoid of opportunity, while others who enjoy success turn a blind eye to it.

We can all share a bit of our success and have a positive impact on the world, no matter how much we earn or want to give back. A small donation can have a huge impact, both on the beneficiary and on the donor.

Seeing how our work can change the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth is priceless.

Once you find that alignment between what your heart is restless for inside, and who you are on the outside, you don’t want to be anything else.

Alexandre Mars meets with local children in Nyaka, Uganda during a trip to find impactful social organizations that could join the Epic Portfolio.

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Alexandre Mars’ book “Giving: Purpose is the New Currency” is out now from Harper Collins.