A Daily Dose of Delight Delivered To Inboxes

Whalebone’s New Daily Email Newsletter is Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time

If there was one thing you might say Whalebone stands for it’s probably just looking to put a little bit of good in this world. The second thing is a three-way tie between informing people that Billy Joel is vastly underrated as a classical composer, a firm belief building forts out of old National Geographic magazines is good for the soul, and, in the immortal words of “Dr.” Theodor Geisel, “Fun is good.”

As such, and in accordance with all of these beliefs, The Whalebone Dept. of Daily Delight has concocted a new email newsletter that will go out once a day, every day more or less, with the intention of delighting, entertaining, and, sure, distracting you from some of the more dire news that might be deluging your inbox. Think of it as hand sanitizer for your inbox.

The Whalebone Dept. of Daily Delight has concocted a new email newsletter that will go out once a day, every day more or less.

Whalebone’s Afternoon Delight is a pop-up newsletter, here for the next 30 days (or as long as it can do some good) to help keep us connected and smiling in a time of social distancing.

Show me the delight:

If you want to give your inbox a little holiday each day, sign up for it above. Delight, joy, news, videos, interviews, playlist, chocolate chip cookie recipes, humming this song, ways to have free drinks sent to your door, and other good things are all included for free. Here’s an example.

People Helping People

We couldn’t do it without the support of some good friends and brands.  Here’s a little bit about the partners helping us put some Afternoon Delight in the world:

With lenses made from mineral glass (that means no plastic, polycarbonate, or BS) OTIS sunglasses protect your peepers, look good, and do not take the usual toll on Mother Nature. The Aussie-based company pretty much has styles from surf to sophisticated covered, so get out there, draw a six-foot circle around you in the sand if need be, but stay safe getting your vitamin D.

Montauk Brew Co.
An ice-cold beer always makes things a little brighter (as the approximately 46,000 cans consumed at Whalebone events can testify). A Wavechaser might be the perfect beverage for cheers-ing friends via FaceTime. The brewery in Montauk is still open for pick-ups so stock up and give the new hard seltzer a try while you’re at it.

Hill City
Whether you are WFH or working out, do it in comfort and style in lightweight apparel perfect for every day. Sure every day varies, but with Hill City, your everyday apparel’s performance doesn’t. Read up on the folks who are redefining high performance in this series brought to you by Whalebone x Hill City.

Wet suits don’t have to be shitty for the planet. Just take Ansea’s suits made out of Yulex—plant-based, FSC certified natural rubber which requires 80% less CO2 emissions than neoprene. The brand is also providing timeless essentials for women who love the water and believe in utilizing sustainable materials, responsibly.

JUST Water
Saving plastic with every carton. Sustainably sourced water, 100%-recycled plant-based cartons and caps from sugarcane. Did we mention this is the official water of Whalebone? JUST saying (we love that joke, so get used to it). Did we mention they deliver? Use the code JUSTWHALEBONE for a 20% discount on water orders now through April 15  at shopjustwater.com.

Quality, hand-crafted goods right out of Detroit. Watches, clocks, jewelry, journals, and fine leather? D. All of the above. Each piece is individually crafted by artisans who care about the product they create. To those who always ask, “What time is it?” It’s time for you to get a watch. A Shinola watch. And a bicycle. And maybe a really nice turntable.

Sir Kensington’s
When is a condiment not just a condiment? When it is defending the dignity of food, that’s when. Food is something that brings us together, and even if we can’t all break bread at the same table together we can unite in the agreement that the zip of a tangy vegan mayo or the spice and tang of a chili-lime crema are the only things standing between us and blandness.