Ben Watts’ Montauk Dreaming

Ben Watts has made quite a name for himself. Besides being a loving brother to actress Naomi Watts, the London-born and NYC-based photographer has built a polished portfolio, filled with everything from fashion photography for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Gap to ad campaigns for well known labels like Sony and Apple.

As of this summer, Watts has added a new volume to his collection of work — although it isn’t exactly what most of us would consider “work.”

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In what was undoubtedly a personal project, Watts recently released a photobook that offers a rather fluorescent and unrehearsed look at the East End over the course of the last 10 years.

The 144-page book, Montauk Dreaming, features saturated iPhone photos of Watts’ already-vibrant friends and family during summer vacations in Montauk, a place he has called home since 1995.

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Despite features and reviews from major publications like Vanity Fair and GQ, Watts’ neon-filled coffee table book has received only a one-star rating on Amazon, accompanied by a less than positive piece of feedback in the customer review department.

Of course, if the creatives over at VF and GQ are backing you, one Amazon comment doesn’t make much of a splash. It’d be difficult to say that the jab doesn’t raise some questions, though.

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Regardless of the chatter, if you’re in the market for a fresh perspective on an unique area, Montauk Dreaming will certainly provide as much. For those of you whose coffee table collection pleads for an update, Watts’ book will make more than a worthy addition.

Not sure if it’s for you? Take a peek at Watts’ portfolio, which has been designed in a similar, neon-filled, scrapbook-esque style. It’s loud but it’s genuine — we digs it.

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Featured photo from Watt’s recent pop-up exhibition at Milk Gallery, courtesy of Danielle Sirianni.