7 of the Best BYOB Spots in NYC This Fall

Almost any large area of nice grass will do. Photo: Becky Phan

The fall in New York City is pretty magical. Sunsets that illuminate the Empire State in orange, comfortingly packed trains to Rockaway, ending up at Rocka Rolla for last call, and a lot of rooftop drinks.

If New York in the fall were a person, it would kind of look like a younger, bearded Tom Selleck mixed with the vibe of the late Paul Newman. It’s easy going, it’s fun, it’s fall baby–and that means you also want to be outside as much as your human body allows you to bear the heat. And for that reason, NYC is the perfect place to be BYOB-certified.

We want you outside all season long with a cold one in hand. So without further adieu, here are a few BYOB spots to hit up this fall, brought to you by our friends at Austin Eastciders. Would be remiss if we didn’t recommend bringing a case of the Original Dry Cider or Texas Honey to any of the six spots below.

1. Rockaway Beach

The Concessions at Rockaway Beach. Photo: Shinya Suzuki

It’s Saturday morning and you’re slowly melting in your apartment. Pack a cooler and catch the next subway or bus to Rockaway Beach. Be sure to try and hit the 60s, as it’s a less crowded area than the popular 86th street area. Bring some watermelon and a boogie board and call it a day.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO. Photo: Ludovic Bertron

With the city skyline, it’s hard to beat a New York public park. Luckily, most of these parks are BYOB-friendly, too. Brooklyn Bridge Park though should be first on your list. With incredible city views, perfectly maintained green grass and various food vendors, it scores pretty high for a first-date spot.

3. Sofar Sounds

From a pop-up Oh Land show. Screenshot: Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sound is unlike any other concert you’ve been to–AND most shows are BYOB, which is awesome because as we all know, most concert venues in New York charge up the wazoo for drinks. These mini concerts showcase emerging talent in intimate spaces like rooftops and apartments most nights of the week. Most shows are BYOB, but be sure to check the venue information before applying on the website.

4. Lucali (Carroll Gardens)

Outside Lucali’s BK. Photo: Noah Cantes

Good pizza seems easy enough to come across in New York, but lately everyone seems to be buzzing about Lucali, a quaint little spot in Carroll Gardens. Even a few years ago, Jay Z and Beyoncé ate here instead of going to the Grammys. Yeah. That Good. And it’s BYOB with no cork fee.

5. McCarren Park + Juniper on Berry

Anafternoon at McCarren. Photo: Ryan McFadden

If you live in Williamsburg, there’s a high chance you’ve spent a Saturday afternoon cracking a few cold ones here. In the fall, stop by Smorgasburg and then head way to the park for a nice little picnic. If you’ve got a few brews leftover, stop by BYOB-friendly restaurant Juniper on Berry St. for one of the best burgers in town.

6. Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant

The colorful insides of Panna II Garden. Photo: Kimberly Grisham

If you’ve been a local long enough, you know about Panna II Garden in East Village–that place on 1st Ave place covered in colorful Christmas lights. With BYOB, cheap and delicious Indian food, this should be your #1 choice for a large dinner crew.

7. Any Given Rooftop

Photo: Austin Eastciders

As the old saying goes, any rooftop can be a rooftop bar if you bring the right supplies. Or something like that. Look, all we know is that the top of most apartment buildings in NYC boasts a view best enjoyed with a drink. We’d argue that several million inhabitants could and will attest to that. Fire escapes ain’t bad either. Just make sure the drinks that accompany you are cold and proper.