6 Steps to S’mores Galore

It’s summer, which means one thing only — if s’mores aren’t accompanying you as an after-dinner treat, you are doing it wrong. The long, summer East End nights are the perfect excuse to start a bonfire and toast a marshmallow to perfection. With the nights getting both longer and warmer, we here at Whalebone have decided to put together a list, a methodology of sorts, detailing how one can craft a s’more that is fit to be consumed by the Queen of England herself.

If you follow these steps, we can guarantee that you will find yourself in a s’mores coma at least one morning this summer (much better than a hangover after a night out at the Sloppy Tuna, right?).


Step 1: Let There be Fire

The best s’mores are undoubtedly toasted on the beach. It’s something about that salty sea air that allows the marshmallow to crisp just perfectly. Don’t ask how. It’s the mystery that makes it all the more delicious. Of course, when building your bonfire, don’t forget to abide by East Hampton’s beach fire laws. Wouldn’t want anyone being arrested before they enjoyed a perfectly crafted s’more now would we?


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Step 2: The Perfect Poker

Before we can even get to the s’more itself, we must acquire a device that allows us to toast marshmallows perfectly. Personally, the best device is an unwound coat hanger. It provides the perfect distance between person and flame, and won’t spontaneously light on fire like an average piece of driftwood would. All you need to do is rummage through the back of your closet, find one of these bad boys, and then toast away.


Step 3: The Jet Puff

Jet Puffed marshmallows are a gift from God. They are a personal favorite, as they are the perfect combination of light and fluffy. It is as if you are consuming a cloud itself. These babies turn the perfect golden brown in a matter of minutes. Of course, if you are one of those people that prefers to turn your marshmallow into a flaming ball of tar you can do that too. No matter how you prefer your marshmallow, the Jet Puff is the way to go.


Step 4: The Graham Cracker

Before you toast your marshmallow, make sure you’ve laid out your graham cracker, so the marshmallow’s transition from poker to cracker is smooth and painless. We don’t want any marshmallows lost to the sand because you didn’t lay your graham cracker out ahead of time. Too many marshmallows have been forever lost to the flames and the sand because of improper preparation. You can avoid these types of tragedies by taking heed of this simple step.

Game-changer: Cinnamon/sugar graham crackers or chocolate chip cookies.


Step 5: The Hershey Bar

Atop one side of your graham cracker lies a 2×3 square of Hershey’s chocolate. The way Hershey’s chocolate goes with the graham cracker and the marshmallow is like the way and Oreo goes with milk — a match made in heaven. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can position your chocolate and graham crackers close to the flame so the chocolate is a bit melted (thus extra delicious) by the time the marshmallow is ready.

Game-changer: Cookies’n’Creme bar or Nutella.


Step 6: The Ultimate Unison

Now it is time for the world’s most perfect marriage. Use your two graham crackers as a tong to pull the marshmallow off the coat hanger. Apply a little pressure to the concoction, and voila, you have a perfect s’more! Apologies ahead of time if you lose your sense of self-restraint and end up eating four s’mores in a row.

All photos courtesy of Tumblr.