6 Reasons to Follow Walter Iooss on Instagram

Walter Iooss is a legend in every sense of the word, and having the opportunity to work with him (and his talented family) on both past and current issues has been as much a pleasure as it has a privilege. Sir Iooss is — without a doubt — a man that has transcended time by capturing some of the most notable people and beautiful places our world has to offer. His portfolio is probably better described as a photographic record of all that has mattered (save politics and a few other #less #candid areas, praise be) in the better half of the last century.

Walter also runs one hell of an Instagram account. Not too much to say about — each photo and caption speaks for itself. You can check out 6 photos we think you’ll enjoy below, and if you find yourself hovering over the follow button… you know what to do.

1. Lots of Michael Jordan

2. Women that aren’t… not hot

3. Some guy from Baywatch who’s trying to make a wave pool these days

4. Partakes in selfies (better than most)

5. Views that you didn’t know NYC had

Autumn light, Saturday, Central Park, NYC.

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6. Summer in Montauk

End of the road. MTK part 2…. 4th of July.

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