5 Signs You Spent Too Much Time in the Sun

photo from http://www.aquabumps.com/2008/12/22/silly-season/

Coming off the beach without a sun burn is definitely an accomplishment in my book. But there are those days when it’s pretty damn obvious where you’ve been all day…baking in the sun.

Here are 5 sure-tell signs you’ve spent the day at the beach.

1. Your lips crack when you smile. We’ve all been there before. That painful but blissful lip-cracking smile. The one you get when you accidentally forgot to put sunscreen on the most burn-susceptible spot on your body: your lips. It feels great because it’s an instant reminder that you had an amazing day relaxing, but it’s also painfully hard not to smile while thinking about your day at the beach.

2. You can’t stay up past 9 p.m. When you’ve had a successful beach day, you’ll come home feeling exhausted, like you literally cannot move off of the couch. It’s probably best to just pass out there at this point. It’s a great feeling because you know the sun has sucked all of the energy out of you, and you probably have a pretty fantastic glow going on.


Courtesy of entrylevelgal

3. Your face looks like a raccoon. This one usually sucks the most because all of your friends and family will spend the night laughing at you. But throw it right back in their face; You had an amazing day at the beach while they did what…sat inside? Just roll with it, in a day or two the sunglass tan will be gone. Just in time for you to spend another day at the beach and get it back.

4. You feel like you could eat an entire cow. The food trucks at the beach aren’t really enough to fill you up. If you’ve spent a solid day at the beach, you’ll be ravenous when you get home, ready to devour whatever it is that might be in the fridge. Don’t worry about it, calories don’t count out here so dig in.

5. You quite possibly look like this…



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