[Watch] 5 Music Videos Under 1M Views You Should See

Screenshot: NE-HI's "Stay Young"

Seeing that Nickelback’s stain on the underpants of society (also known as their hit-song “Rockstar”) has over 88 million views on YouTube, you can safely say that a high number of views does not necessarily mean a song is “good.”

Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the popular video-hosting site…so there’s no way you could ever hope to see all the great stuff hidden below the surface of Nickelback, Bieber and whatever other terrible music you can think of. Thankfully, you have us, and we have put together this awesome little list of videos under 1 million views that are probably definitely worth seeing.

1) Classixx — “Holding On”

Los Angeles-based duo Classixx are one of those groups I almost always play when someone passes me the aux at a party. The high-energy, funky vibes of their tracks are groovy enough to make even the most stone-cold anti-dancer bust out some moves. This track from their first album, Hanging Gardens, is one of the group’s best singles, and the music video is pretty interesting as well. Showing the duo in a random garage in LA, they quickly exit the frame and begin driving all over the City of Angels…also blatantly running a few red lights as well. If this is your first time checking out Classixx, prepare to get a heaping dose of funk.

2) NE-HI — “Stay Young”

Chicagoans NE-HI are a pretty under-the-radar group, but their music is a nice standout from the ever-growing expanse of boring indie rock groups. Only active a relatively short amount of time (2013), the rock foursome are already showing strong signs of success, and this single from their 2017 album Offers is a strong testament to their talent. The video, which takes place in their hometown, puts a literal spin on the “Windy City” and portrays the group and some randoms around the city with a dreamy filter of pastels that pairs perfectly with their style. To me, it looks like their may even be a funny little nod to American Beauty’s floating plastic bag scene.

3) MarcLo — “Swngn”

Another LA-based artist to make this list is MarcLo, a singer, producer and writer brimming with undiscovered talent. With his ‘90s throwback “Swngn,” it’s impossible to sit still while watching this video unfold. Using quirky illustrations throughout the video, Marc creates an enthralling and charming vibe that sucks you into the fun, colorful video. The intro reminds me of something akin to a Madea movie, which might be cheesy if it wasn’t so damn funny. Look for his debut EP Nostalgia if you’re interested in finding out more on the relatively unknown artist.

4) CHON — “Waterslide”

CHON is one of those groups I became obsessed with overnight. The beautiful, technical guitar these young guns cook up is stunning, and even those not into “metal” per se will find something to enjoy from their unique music. The band just recently put out this video from their album Homey, and the video perfectly captures what fans love about the down-to-earth group. Aside from the amazing guitar skills demonstrated in the video, “Waterslide” features a pupper that’s a better skateboarder and Super Smash Bros player than I could ever hope to be (and who doesn’t love doggos?).

5) Thee Oh Sees — “Minotaur”

When I sit around and go back and forth with my friends on YouTube showing off music videos, Thee Oh Sees’ “Minotaur” is always one I like to show off. The song itself is great, but definitely something a little set apart from their typical, edgy style of rock. The video for “Minotaur” is just the right amount of WTF and funny, portraying the misunderstood mythological beast going about his daily life, trying to win the affection of his prisoner and defending his labyrinth from some would-be heroes. If you’re into off-the-wall videos that’ll make you wonder “how much weed were these people smoking to come up with this concept,” well then look no further.