5 Favorite Boards with ALBUM Matt

In the shaping bay. Photo: ALBUM Surf

Over the last 15 years, Matt Parker had made quite a name for himself in surfing. The owner, shaper and designer at ALBUM Surf, better known as “ALBUM Matt,” has consistently handcrafted and put out some of the most progressive shapes to ever dance upon the ocean. Factor in that the gent likes his boards to double as a work of art, and it’s easy to see why ALBUM’s got a good thing going.

This past week, we had the pleasure of linking up with Matt and getting his word on the five boards he’s most fond of, a bit more behind each shape + how they ride.

Board #1 — 5’9″ UTF Asymmetric

Our favorite fish. Classic influence and inspiration but updated to help this concept more fully realize its potential. Asym configuration, twin fin toe side, winged quad fin shorter swallow tail heel side. Slightly modified template from the Lis style. Nipped & tucked to perform as a daily driver. Foam friendly, flat deck, beveled performance rails, modern bottom contours. Ridden as a twin or quad with a deep swallow tail. Made to fly.


Dimensions: 5’9″ x 19.25″ x 2.56″ // 32 liters UTF Asymmetrical with custom inlay art. PU/EPOXY, Glassed 4+4/4oz, Futures asym tri, sanded finish.

More info + photos: ALBUM Surf’s UTF Asymmetric

Board #2 — 5’6″ Symphony

Inspired by Mini Simmons style planing hulls and formerly known as the SLX, the Symphony is one of the fastest, funnest shapes we make—basically a good session guaranteed. Can be ridden pretty short while not giving away too much volume. An excellent wave catcher, gets up to speed right off the drop and just takes off from there. Flows around flat sections and allows for tight, on rail carves with the fins places on the rail. Flat, almost concave deck to a nice pinched, slopey rail. Slight belly to single concave to a pronounced double concave through the fins. Ridden mostly as a quad but goes great with twin keel set up as well.


Dimensions: 5’6″ x 21″ x 2.56″ // 337 liters Symphony quad with custom resin tint & pigment art. PU/PE, futures quad, glassed 6+4/4oz, sanded finish.

More info + photos: ALBUM Surf’s Symphony

Board #3 — 9’2″ Midnight

Traditional pig-style log with the wide point back. 50/50 rails, single fin. If you know, then you know.


Dimensions: 9’2″ x 21.88″ x 3″ Midnight with custom resin pigment and combo gloss/matte finish. PU/PE, glassed 6+6/6oz, single fin.

More info + photos: ALBUM Surf’s Midnight

Board #4 — 5’11” Disasym

Asymmetrical spark. Twin fin speed frontside off your toes with quad grip and an aggressive rail line hook on your heels. Performance rocker, deep single concave, allows this board to light up average, weak surf. The magic is that it has the speed of a twin fin married to the maneuverability & confidence of a performance shortboard. Goes equally well frontside & backside—it’s engineered to maximize each approach uniquely.


Dimensions: 5’11” x 19.5″ x 2.44″ // 31.7 liters Disasym Regular foot in stringerless polyurethane foam with carbon fiber wrapped Future Flex style rails glassed with Epoxy resin. Grey resin tint tail dip. Glassed 4+4/4oz, Futures tri fin asym setup, sanded finish.

More info + photos: ALBUM Surf’s Disasym

Board #5 — 5’6″ Polyphonic

Everyone’s go-to, foundational board to build your quiver around. Low entry rocker that accelerates out the tail. Deep single to double concave. Five fin optional set up for thruster or quad choice. By far one of our most popular models—made to surf everyday and to make surfing FUN. This is the board you leave in your car and can surf no matter what the waves are doing.


Dimensions: 5’6″ x 19.75″ x 2.28″ // 26.8 liters Polyphonic winged pin tail tail with custom resin color and inlay art and glassed with Epoxy resin. PU/Epoxy, glassed 4+4/4oz, Futures 5 fin.

More info + photos: ALBUM Surf’s Polyphonic

Check out all of ALBUM’s boards via their website. Thanks, Matt.