5 Desk Plants That Are Sure to Survive Your Summer Vacay

Vacationing during summer can very hard on your loved ones. While you’re perfecting your swan dive off a catamaran in the Bahamas, your tabby cat, “Skittles,” is sitting by the window at home, wondering if he/she will be fed on time, if at all, today (and even more likely, if they’ll ever see you again).

In the spirit of not being weighed down by such worries on your vacation(s) this summer, we shot a note to Kelsie Hayes—Founder of POPUPFLORIST, an NYC-based plant and floral design company—in regard to replacing “Skittles” with a more low-maintenance, attractive responsibility. She shot us back five undemanding, visually on-fleek desk plants that can hold their own while you perform mid-evening sand angels in the Caribbean (or at Ditch Plains) all summer.

1. Succulents

Succulents are a colorful addition to your desk. These guys come from Southern California and are pretty low maintenance. Keep them in bright light, however, they are not suited for intense, direct sunlight. They should be watered every 1-2 weeks. Lightly water the soil directly, not too close to the center, and most importantly, don’t (overwater) drown it.

succulents 1

2. Air Plants (Tillandsia)

Air Plants (Tillandisia) are probably as low maintenance as you can get. They require no soil—aka no mess if you knock over the planter during an intense work sesh. They need to be soaked in water at least once a week for an hour, and then laid out to dry. Certain Air Plants bloom & sometimes even multiply!

airplants 1

3. Cactus

Similar to succulents, these should be watered every 1-2 weeks or when the top of the soil feels dry. As a general rule, plants are pretty high maintenance when it comes to water (tap water often can be alkaline and/or hard, containing dissolved minerals), so try to water them with a filtered water.

cactus 1

4. Snake Plant

Snake plants should be placed in indirect sunlight and watered once a month. It’s best to let them dry out in between waterings. These guys make a big statement and are nearly impossible to kill!

snake plant 1

5. Zebra Cactus (Haworthia)

Zebra cactus, often compared to Aloe as they are both in the same plant family, are not only visually appealing, but also easy to care for. Basically sit it on your desk, water it when you feel like it—don’t overwater when you do, and that’s it!

zebra cactus

If any of these catch your interest, head over to POPUPFLORIST’s website. They’ve also got a cool, economically-priced Whalebone package put together. Sorry, Skittles.


POPUPFLORIST is a plant and floral design company in NYC, founded in January 2016 by Kelsie Hayes. Kelsie uses her background in fashion design and applies it by combining unexpected textures and creating unique color palettes, all while focusing on attention to detail. POPUPFLORIST will open their first retail location at the Gansevoort Market in May 2016 at 353 W 14th street, and continue to ‘POPUP’ at other businesses around the city as well as collaborate with companies for unique gifting options.