4 Things to Do with a Day in East Hampton

Beers Map | Photo courtesy of East Hampton Town Archive

If you’re visiting East Hampton during summer vacation, the beach is going to be enough to keep most of us busy. If for some reason the beach doesn’t hold the same interest for you as it does for me, then here are some suggestions that might interest you.


Main Street East Hampton photo credit: Guest of a Guest

Main Street East Hampton
photo credit: Guest of a Guest

Walk around East Hampton town. It’s fun to see all of the stores and do a little window-shopping. If you’re visiting, you can probably grab some clothes in one of the three Ralph Lauren stores that line Main Street. Grab Starbucks and spend the day people watching and just enjoy being in the Hamptons. You’re sure to find some good outfit inspirations and chances of you seeing Beyoncé or J-Lo are pretty high.


Goldberg's Menu Photo Credit: East Hampton Star

Goldberg’s Menu Photo Credit: East Hampton Star

Enough said. This famous bagel store is THE place to get the best New York bagels that will ever pass through your lips. How they get the inside of their bagels so fluffy and airy while keeping the outside crunchy is a mystery to man, but the 300-plus calories are completely worth it. Trust me. Be warned: On the weekends the line can run out the door, and if you’re hungry, the smell is torturous. Try heading in early on a weekday or even grab a bagel for lunch. The numerous cream cheeses and egg sandwich toppings will keep you coming back day in and day out. Spinach everything with vegetable cream cheese is my go to.


Back Roads in the Hamptons photo credit: Forbes.com

Back Roads in the Hamptons photo credit: Forbes.com

Take the back roads. I know most people aren’t interested in spending their summer vacation on the road, but if you have a chance to check out the back roads, you won’t be disappointed. Most of the streets are clattered with farm stands and natural scenery. If you can get past this mayhem and check out the homes that line the carefully manicured landscapes, you’re sure to be in awe. Lily Pond Lane, Wainscott Main Street, Hedges Lane and Ocean Road are all lined with breathtaking homes built by top architects. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road. I still swerve if the beauty of a home distracts me, and I’ve passed them by at least 500 times by now.


Sag Harbor photo credit: sagharboronline.com

Sag Harbor photo credit: sagharboronline.com

Sag Harbor. This quaint little town is about a 10-minute drive from East Hampton. The town was founded as a whaling town but now is host to different nautical ships. Yachts line the ports, and some of the best restaurants line the streets. Sag Harbor is great to walk at night, and there are multiple frozen yogurt eateries for a healthier dessert. Walk along the docks to get close-up looks inside all of the ships, or pop in and out of the wonderful boutiques on Main Street.