27 Frames

The concept is simple. We sent a single-use (disposable) camera to 27 of our favorite photographers, they shot stuff with it, then mailed it back to us. We developed the film and are now sharing the results in our new online series called “27 Frames.”

In this instant, digital age, we want to pay homage to a snapshot photo process we grew up with ourselves—waiting for the film to develop and being surprised by the results. While the series was not intended to be travel-focused, most of the photographers involved naturally chose personal trips to document with their cameras.

So far, we have published features on ex-New Yorkers Zak Bush and Rob Kulisek, along with West Coast outdoor nomads Jeff Johnson and Meg Haywood Sullivan.

Upcoming features include the likes of Dylan Gordon, Jason Baffa, Scott Soens, Daniel Russo, Chris Burkard, Pat Dougherty, Jimmy Wilson, Kenny Hurtado, Molly Steele, Trevor King, Nick LaVecchia, and Dustin Miller, among many others.

We feature a new photographer and their favorite images from their roll of film every week on our Instagram.