Are you in Wyoming?

A couple of thousand good humans were kind enough to take the 2022 Whalebone Community Survey.

None of them were from Wyoming or Mississippi, but we did have thousands of respondents from 48 states and 16 different countries outside the US. Turns out that maybe we’re not as popular in Wyoming and Mississippi as we thought but we’re not giving up. If you happen to live in one of these two fine states, or know someone who does, send us a line as we’d like to send them a little something from Whalebone…for free. Otherwise, here are the results from the 2022 Survey. Giddy’ up. 

Quality content shared in an authentic, funny, and aesthetically pleasing format that gives my creative eyeballs happy goosebumps. I cut cable, Facebook, the radio, and every other magazine subscription out of my life because of the barrage of visual vomit, noise and ads; Whalebone, on the other hand, they have my heart.

— A respondent we should put on the payroll 

A few key takeaways:

  • desk globePeople love travel + experiences. Over 70% of our audience does at least.
  • skeleton hands making peace signWhalebone is trusted by our audience.
  • five starsHumans agree that quality is important above everything.
  • mr bonesWhalebone Weird Issue 2023 (or 2024, but we’ll do it).

A couple other things of note:

  • 99 percentof Whalebone fans feel positively about brands that partner with Whalebone.
  • 84 percentof Whalebone fans have told a friend or family member about something they’ve seen via Whalebone.
  • 2 out of 3Whalebone fans have pets.
  • 33 percentaverage open rate for our regular dose of delight, aptly named The Afternoon Delight.
  • 3 out of fourWhalebone fans are more likely to make a purchase decision based on something they’ve seen via Whalebone.

Meet our audience:

60% of Whalebone fans are female
Non-Binary / Not Listed
66% of our community are between the ages of 25 and 49.
Under 25
25 to 34
35 to 49
50 and over
  • 51.7Over half of our audience has a household income of over $100K per year. A lot of dollarenos.
  • instagram84.7% of our community checks Instagram daily + 43% first heard of us through social media.
  • 100%of people named Jerry Seinfeld are still jerks.
  • quality82% of Whalebone fans say that quality is the most important factor in their purchase decision from a brand.
  • heart
    Top Interests
    Travel & Experiences
    Food & Beverage
    Health & Wellness
    Home & Garden
    Fashion & Beauty 
  • map of the united states
    States with the Most Fans
    New York
    New Jersey
  • map of the world
    Top Countries of Origin
    United States
    United Kingdom

Folks We've Been Fortunate to work with:For the full roster, hit us up at sales@whalebonemag.com

On the survey, we asked folks to describe us in a few words.We Should Really Pay These People:

Like Doritos on your sandwich.

Anything and everything you want to know, even if u didn’t know you wanted to know. ya know?

It’s cool and pretty and interesting, like the older cousin you snuck summer beers with at family reunions.

You can't buy what these guys have created; the Whalebone team just delivers differently and elevate Dip to be more than just another haircare brand. We love their work & audience so much they are the only advertising partner we have.

— Kate Assaraf, Founder Dip Hair Care

It’s the only magazine worth investing in. Quality photographs. Quality articles and content. It’s fun and engaging and keeps my love of magazines alive.

My daily mental getaway and reminder that life is good.

Whalebone simply gets it. They have figured out the formula to drive interest from the YETI team with the overall value they provide.

— Lauren Phillips, Marketing Director, YETI

Ways to work with us:

  • Custom Content
  • Integrated Partnerships
  • Experiential
  • Collabs
  • Creative Services

We also do things like opening up a brand new record shop with the folks from Vinyl Me, Please. To learn more about custom partnerships and put the power of Whalebone’s audience to work for your brand email us at sales@whalebonemag.com

Did you know Whalebone has 4 locations?Come say hi.

  • The Boneyard
    The Boneyard
    541 E Lake Drive
    Montauk, NY 11954
  • Bleecker Shop
    Bleecker Shop
    326 Bleecker Street
    New York, NY 10014
  • The Record Shop
    The Record Shop
    742 Montauk Hwy
    Montauk, NY 11954
  • The Record Shop
    Whalebone Flagship
    65 Tuthill Road
    Montauk, NY 11954