2015 in Review: Whalebone’s Freshman Year

Photo: Grant Monahan

Make no doubt about it, 2015 was a rad year. We got to make a magazine. We got to make an Instagram, a website. We got to make an impact — to hear and share stories of people, places and moments in time that will have a lasting influence on how we go about every day to come. Maybe that seems too grand or too prideful… but we mean it. Much of the things we’ve had the opportunity to work on this year simply cannot be considered work. They were too enjoyable. There was too much laughter, too much “this is f*cking awesome” going on.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled 5 of our favorite stories from Whalebone’s freshman year. Maybe you’ve read a few of them, maybe they slipped through the cracks in your keyboard. Regardless, they hold a special spot in our memory bank for more than enough reasons. Enjoy.

1. Montauk News Segment (1986)

As any one person could guess, catching the world’s largest great white shark during the mid-80s was the type of accomplishment that rightfully garnered all sorts attention from mustached news reporters. As with the majority of then-serious, now-hilarious news segment pieces from decades past, this one speaks for itself. Long live Frank Mundus.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.53.31 PM

News 55 on the scene. Screenshot via news segment.

2. Hurricane Joaquin Lights up the East End

Ah, Hurricane Joaquin. The “most photographed swell of the year,” as well as the “hurricane swell with the hardest name to correctly pronounce on first attempt.” That’s all fluff though — Joaquin screamed up the Atlantic in most beautiful fashion, sending the majority of 2015’s best waves out to the East Coast masses in one single pulse. A smiling handful of photographers on the East End shot their best photos to us, end result being our Hurricane Joaquin Photo Gallery.

Tyler Maguire, not just a flesh wound. Photo: Justin Burkle.

Tyler Maguire, not just a flesh wound. Photo: Justin Burkle.

3. The Mike D. Interview

Alright, this one will probably belong in any “best of” list from here on out. Mike D. of the Beastie Boys delivering nothing short of full character + raw knowledge, not to mention an OG bonus playlist that is sounding off as I write this. Shoutout Joe Termini, who really helped bring this interaction to life.


Mike D., courtesy of Mike D.

4. The Beginning of the End: Chip Duryea

The Beginning of the End series has easily been one of our favorite pieces of content to feature in every issue, and for no weak reason. The unique folk featured are breathing, walking definitions of Montauk and its community. Film connoisseur and Ditch Witch hustler Grant Monahan absolutely slays each and every interview, in both meaningful words and uniquely-engaging photos. This is more than a personal favorite for us — it’s a vital part of why we do what we do. For more goodness, make sure to check out Walter Iooss, Meg Maguire and George Watson’s interviews as well.

Chip_Duryea-7035 copy

Legend. Photo: Grant Monahan.

5. Amy Stone Schools Us on Insta

The first thing I’m going to say is that Amy Stone crushed this guide. There are so many worthless and vague “guides” that aren’t realistic for the common person to put into action. Amy’s advice includes 4 implementable, not-often-touched-on tips you can easily put into play and that will up your social following in the long-run. And you know what? There’s no shame in wanting to do so — in a world where social media weighs heavy on societal (and consumer) perception, showcasing good taste, design and aesthetic has helped a lot of people market themselves, launch careers and grow all sizes of businesses. Every person has their on style — this guide will show you how to capitalize on yours.


Amy’s grid. Consider the big picture — layout, flow and color palette.