100 Days and Counting…

Winter Swells and Empty Lineups

Surfer: Jesse Joeckel. Photo by Justin Burkle

We’re about 100 days away from the official start of summer in Montauk, and for those that chose to hang around town this winter that feels just like it sounds. Long, cold and not much light showing at the end of the tunnel. Monday, that light may have flickered a little brighter and given a lucky few something that Puxatawny Phil could not.

Use your imagination from the comfort of your home: The empty line-up photos could look like a warm late summer swell, but don’t let that fool you. The air temp was 40 degrees, but compared to the 20–30-degree winter norm, that is almost enjoyable.The 38-degree water is what’s really holding back any sliver of hope, that or the lack of a plane ticket. At the end of the day, trading a few ice cold barrels off with only three other guys out can warm up those numb feet just enough to keep you keeping on.

Surfer Tarvis Beckmann. Photo Ian Cooke