10 Ways to Experience The Outdoors of Montauk Year-Round, From Our Friends at Corcoran

35 Wills Point. Photo: Corcoran

Looking for a place in Montauk to call your own? Here’s a run-through of some of the most beautiful, spacious and naturally breathable homes currently on the market. We do advise that you be open to features like breathtaking views, dream-like interiors, and never-ending backyards that are more than likely to redefine your definition of “home.”

1. 215 Essex Street

215 Essex Street. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $995,000

Scoop: Pitch a tent in your private backyard oasis

Agent: Liz Lycke | Liz.Lycke@corcoran.com | 631.960.8801

2. 35 Wills Point Road

35 Wills Point Road. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $5.45M

Scoop: Perched overlooking Fort Pond Bay, Block Island Sound, and a 174-ace nature preserve.

Agent: Edward Patrowicz | Edward.Patrowicz@corcoran.com | 917.887.1189


3. 28 Wills Point Road

28 Wills Point Road. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $4.999M

Scoop: Views and sunsets atop 1.4 acres

Agent: Joan Hegner | jhegner@corcoran.com | 631.697.5730

4. 28 Old Montauk Highway

Price: $3.195M

Scoop: Overlooking the horse pastures of historic Deep Hollow Ranch

Agent: Helen Stubmann | hstubbmann@corcoran.com | 631.375.3778

5. 148 Tuthill Road

148 Tuthill Road. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $2.1M

Scoop: Waterfront Land on Tuthill Pond overlooking Fort Pond Bay with boundless nature and glorious sunsets.

Agent: Edward Patrowicz | Edward.Patrowicz@corcoran.com | 917.887.1189

6. 26 Wills Point Road

26 Wills Point Road. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $3.995M

Scoop: 1.42 acres of pure paradise in Culloden Point on a quiet-cul-de-sac bordering 174 acres of naturally preserved land

Agent: Betsy Cronley | BCronley@corcoran.com | 516.220.7901

7. 24 Big Reed Path

24 Big Reed Path. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $3.995M

Scoop: 1.14-acre hilltop home captures 800+ acres of county/state parklands, ocean, lake, harbor, sound, and sunsets second to none!

Agent(s): Joan Hegner | jhegner@corcoran.com | 631.697.5730 & Ray Hegner | rhegner@corcoran.com |631.838.0743

8. 42 Surfside Avenue

42 Surfside. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $11M

Scoop: Open vistas to the world

Agent: Helen Stubmann | hstubbmann@corcoran.com | 631.375.3778

9. 14 Grant Drive & 15 Webster Road

14 Grant and 15 Webster Road. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $7.9M

Scoop: 180-degree oceanviews

Agent(s): Constance Tighe | ctighe@corcoran.com | 631.921.7271 & John Taylor  | jjtaylor@corcoran.com | 516.639.1032

10. 22 & 26 Old West Lake Drive

22 & 26 Old West Lake Drive. Photo: Corcoran

Price: $9.5M

Scoop: Kayak, sail, stand-up paddle, and clam in front of your lakefront compound

Agent: Liz Lycke | Liz.Lycke@corcoran.com | 631.960.8801